Monday, December 20, 2010

Life And Times

I now own Scott Pilgrim the movie and it's amazing. I've been waiting to see this movie for awhile, I love the comics. I'm watching it right now, it's awesome!

Woo, Christmas break started last Friday too! Been playing lots of Minecraft recently, here's a new video on my world.

The Humble Indie Bundle came on recently too, I really recommended you people to check it out. You can get it for free, but you should donate to the developers because they work hard. It comes with 5 great games.

Merry early Christmas!

Oh, and super cool once in a life time lunar eclipse tonight too. Staying up to see it, I will report back with pictures.

Camera phones aren't the best for taking moon photos I guess, but it looked neat in real life. That was about 1/3 through the eclipse.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So, I was permabanned on Facepunch yesterday. My 8900 post, month away from gold member account is now gone. I'm trying to get it reduced to a month or so with a mod, but he wont even respond to me. Damn. Well, anyways, I plan on continuing the story of Marcus Redwood in 2 weeks or so, I'm busy with studying for midterms right now. Physical Science is a bitch, I really wish I took Earth Science instead. Oh well.

I've also been on XBL and PSN recently, my PSN ID is patrickcollins and my XBL gamertag is Mr Pat360. Add me if you want to play a game some time! I usually play GTA IV, Killzone 2, and arcade games.

Here's some content I've made, too. Super Mario Land theme slowed down by a ton!

Monday, November 29, 2010



Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Quiet Life

This is a story of a man who comes home from work and watches the bustling city outside of his apartment window.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 2 (Second Part)

The story of Marcus Redwood is starting to get suspenseful..

Day 2 (First Part)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Story Of Marcus Redwood

I will try and make a journal entry every day, stay tuned internet.


"Minecraft is a game about blocks. A whole infinite world of blocks. You start with nothing, and are forced to survive. Punch some trees to get some wood, craft it into an axe or pickaxe, grab suplies, make a house, survive the horde of monsters, and so on. Minecraft is limitless - in more ways than one. The world is randomly generated as you explore it, and the gameplay is limited by your imagination. Make castles, floating islands, call a cave home - you can do whatever you want. Bored? Start up multiplayer and enjoy all that, with your friends!

Minecraft is still in Alpha. Buying the game now will make you able to play the next versions of the game, without having to pay again, and once it reaches beta (pretty soon) the price is doubling. Notch (the developer) has a lot planned for the game, so keep your eyes open."

Minecraft is a great indie game about making blocks, destroying blocks, and survival. It's only $10, great deal. I reccomend it to anyone who loves terraforming, complete customization, making your own houses/bases/whatever you can think of, and games where you make your own story. I will be starting a new save, and posting my adventures on this blog. If I die, I will delete that save. I'll start that later today or tomorrow! 

In the meantime, here's some videos I made, showing the beauty of Minecraft. 

-Stay tuned, internet.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Call Of Duty: Blackops

Warning, this was quickly written WHILE raging at this game! I don't even agree with any of this stuff now! It contains foul language!

Pardon my French, but this game angers me to no fucking end. I'm at the point where I can't even play it anymore, all it is, is lag, spawnkilling, and dumb fucking teamates who think they should walk RIGHT in front of you when you're firing your weapon, then get pissed at you for "TK'ing." The game is a fucking lag fest, and it's not from my end either. The community are a bunch of short tempered idiots who run around everywhere with knives or pistols, get almost no kills, and say YOU suck. The game will run at 60 fps in some parts, but only SECONDS later, drop down into the single digits. Every time I die, it lags like crazy. During that lag, I get SPAWNKILLED again. I can't even quit the game it's so bad, I just have to mash CTRL SHIFT ESC until task manager slowly opens, then spend 50 seconds to 5 minutes waiting for it to end the process and quit the god forsaken game. The guns and any other good stuff are only available to high level players, it takes ages to even unlock face camo. The wage matches are BULLSHIT, whoever lags the least wins. What's almost as bad as the run and gunners are the campers. They sit at the edge of the corner of the fucking map under a bush where in hardcore mode, there's no possible way to see them, and they kill you INSTANTLY from where you spawn, ACROSS the map from them. This has happened to me, my friends, and tons of other players many times so it's not just me. Why the FUCK can you not save emblems and work on a new one? I spend hours making a great one, I want to try and experimental with new shapes I unlock, I don't want to fuck up my detailed emblem. Why the FUCK can't I have three attachments- an underbarrel, scope, and suppressor? Will it be to heavy for the run and gunners? Why are there only 2 zombie maps? We all know that they're going to release 1 more for $20, but why only 2 in Blackops? There was like 5 in WoW. The fucking spawn system.. oh boy. The FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FUCKING GOD DAMN GARBAGE ROTTING DOG SHIT spawn system. Whoever thought it up deserves to be dismembered while still alive. What fucking sense does it make to have no spawn protection, or safe spawn zones on maps? Any fucking enemy can waddle over to our spawn, sit in the corner with his thumb up his ass and wait for us to spawn and shoot us. We can't fucking turn around and fire back at him because he's using his SUPER LEET BONG 420 EMBLEM UNDERBARREL SHOTGUN AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUN ASSAULT SNIPER RIFLE to gun us down instantly. Nuketown is fucking HORRIBLE because of the spawn system. The fucking enemies hide in the fucking garden area and fucking shoot us and throw grenades at us, giving us no chance whatsoever. You manage to escape? -LAG- and you get shot immediately. The good thing is though, that if you can manage to shit out a grenade before you get spawnkilled, you have a small chance to kill the fucking piece of shit who spawnkills us. With HIS luck though, he'd end up killing all of us instead. I hate the community in this game. I'm fucking sick of hearing some 12 year old spoiled son of a bitch scream into his mic "YOU FUCKING *racial slur* STOP FUCKING HACKING THE GAME AND PLAY 4 REEL STOP PLAYING LIKE YOU'RE INTENDED TO PLAY AND PLAY THIS SHIT EATING WAY!!!" Then there are the 25-40 year olds who have nothing better to do then make obscene emblems, spawnkill you/your enemies, and steal all your kills. How is the lag not fixed yet in this game? This is one of the most, if not the MOST selling game ever made, and they CAN'T FIX THE FUCKING GAME BREAKING FUCKING ISSUES IN THE GAME. This is the most half assed game in the whole series. You can see that they put little/no effort in the multiplayer, and they STILL aren't. If they were, they'd be UPDATING US MORE THAN DAILY ABOUT *UPDATE* PROGRESS AND AT LEAST RELEASE SOMETHING. I DONT CARE IF IT PUTS THE GAME AT FUCKING LOWEST OF LOW SETTINGS, I want to be able to PLAY it. What's the deal with non hardcore mode? It takes 4-8 underbarrel shotgun blasts to kill an enemy, when he can just take a makarov, shoot you in your ear, and you're automatically dead. What the fucking FUCK is the sense of that. How is shooting someone 10 times in the same exact spot in the foot going to kill them. Same for hardcore mode. How does a rolling object KILL you or an enemy.

I payed $60 DOLLARS. $60 HARD EARNED FUCKING DOLLARS for this. That's not FUCKING cheap. I expect a game this popular to at least RUN on anyones computer. This is ridiculous. I feel so ripped off, I could of used this money to buy FOOD instead of a LAG FEST. I'm sorry, but I am just infuriated right now. I really, honestly tried to enjoy this and feel like I spent my money well, but this is just unacceptable. The fact that they're making millions off this is just wrong. I hope to God they fix this soon.

I can see that they put effort into the Singleplayer, I have no problem with that. It was quite fun, actually, and didn't even lag.

I can't stand this game anymore, I've tried as hard as I can to deal with the shit and have fun but I just give up now. This is bullshit.

-This is what my friend, badlands, has to say:

The dedicated servers. No, not the idea itself, I love that. But why, during a round or end of round can't I go back to create-a-class instead of pressing the ESCAPE button and quitting? I unlocked enough money for a killstreak or weapon, awesome. But wait, why the fuck can't I buy it at the end of the round? I have to exit a server I finally found that doesn't lag to shit and back that will probably be full when I get back? what the fuck treyarch what fuck!!!


I will post my rants, opinions, stories, and etc. in this blog. Enjoy!