Tuesday, November 23, 2010



"Minecraft is a game about blocks. A whole infinite world of blocks. You start with nothing, and are forced to survive. Punch some trees to get some wood, craft it into an axe or pickaxe, grab suplies, make a house, survive the horde of monsters, and so on. Minecraft is limitless - in more ways than one. The world is randomly generated as you explore it, and the gameplay is limited by your imagination. Make castles, floating islands, call a cave home - you can do whatever you want. Bored? Start up multiplayer and enjoy all that, with your friends!

Minecraft is still in Alpha. Buying the game now will make you able to play the next versions of the game, without having to pay again, and once it reaches beta (pretty soon) the price is doubling. Notch (the developer) has a lot planned for the game, so keep your eyes open."

Minecraft is a great indie game about making blocks, destroying blocks, and survival. It's only $10, great deal. I reccomend it to anyone who loves terraforming, complete customization, making your own houses/bases/whatever you can think of, and games where you make your own story. I will be starting a new save, and posting my adventures on this blog. If I die, I will delete that save. I'll start that later today or tomorrow! 

In the meantime, here's some videos I made, showing the beauty of Minecraft. 

-Stay tuned, internet.

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