Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So, I was permabanned on Facepunch yesterday. My 8900 post, month away from gold member account is now gone. I'm trying to get it reduced to a month or so with a mod, but he wont even respond to me. Damn. Well, anyways, I plan on continuing the story of Marcus Redwood in 2 weeks or so, I'm busy with studying for midterms right now. Physical Science is a bitch, I really wish I took Earth Science instead. Oh well.

I've also been on XBL and PSN recently, my PSN ID is patrickcollins and my XBL gamertag is Mr Pat360. Add me if you want to play a game some time! I usually play GTA IV, Killzone 2, and arcade games.

Here's some content I've made, too. Super Mario Land theme slowed down by a ton!

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